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"The mind messes up more shots than the body." 
~ Tommy Bolt
March 2013
A3 Performance
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College Advisory: Start Early!

Start early! Do not, and I mean do not wait until your senior year to start looking for a college. For you to get what you want out of college you need to start talking and thinking about college your freshmen year of high school. If you're behind the eight ball you will need to be more intense and focused on your search.

Look at college as if it's a job. If you're looking for a job do you wait for them to call you or do you go out and talk to them? The more you are in involved in the process the more the college coach will communicate with you, and want you to be a part of their program.

Text Tips: Mind Gym

Mind Gym : An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence | Gary Mack

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"To get the head edge, try creating your own mind gym. You always can do mental practice, even when you are physically tired or injured. Make your images as vivid and as clear as you can. See yourself doing things well. Remember, confidence comes from knowing you are mentally and physically prepared. Sports psychology is the science of success. Studies show that within a group of athletes of equal ability, those who receive mental training outperform those who don't almost every time. Mental skills, like physical skills, need constant practice." Get the Book >>

Diet Advice: Vitamins

Vitamin A: Yellow or orange fruits; Leafy vegetables 
Functions: Help you see dim light; bone and tooth growth

Vitamin B: Cereals and oatmeal; Meats, rice, and pasta; Whole grains 
Functions: Growth and muscle tone

Vitamin C: Citrus fruit, Berries; Vegetables
Functions: Helps maintain capillaries and gums and aids in absorption of iron

Vitamin D: Milk; fish; eggs
Functions: Helps maintain heart action and nervous system function

Training Tips: Dribbling

If you want to be the best you need to be able to dribble at every level. Dribbling might be basic but a lot of coaches, players and trainers still don't know how to do it or teach it. Watch the highest level and see what technique they use during training. With the toe in and in rhythm with the ball and the ground. If you train with A3 performance we will talk about this every time we do dribbling drills with the ball. The basic cone drill is great! By placing ten cones 1 yard apart in a straight line you can dribble down on one side with your right foot and come back, doing the same with the left foot on the opposite side. And training your mind to say ball ground ball ground with your foot touching the ball and ground. Easy enough to do at home and just get in a rhythm by saying ball ground ball ground which means that your foot touches the ground then to the ball. You can mix it up as you get confident by weaving in and out of the cones and using both feet. Dribbling drills are simple but are never used enough at the younger levels.

Question & Answer: Playing Multiple Sports

Question: Is playing three sports better than one? 

Answer: I think it’s good to become an athlete first then find the best sport you're good at and do it.  But how do you know what’s best?  Just observe your child when they go play that one sport. Do they get excited, do they talk about it, do they do what that coach is telling them out side of the training or practice they have? Do they talk about that coach or a specific player (Messi) for example in that sport?  That is the one they enjoy the most and might be the one they play the longest which I think all parents want to know.  Look at all the cues.  I always say ride the wave.  If they like playing tennis keep pushing it until they want to try something else.  If they like a coach or trainer push them until they have gotten all the information they need to be successful.  You know your kids better than any coach or trainer will.  Most coaches see the kids 5 to 10 hours a week.  You see them 90% more, so you have more of an influence than you might think. Take advantage of your coach/trainer when you have them around.  Kids are continuously getting smarter faster every day. Always look for signs to help you help them and don’t forget if they want to be the next Tim Howard they need to learn to focus on that one aspiration.  If they bounce from golf to tennis to football they will never see the same thing long enough for the brain to learn and adapt unless they keep doing it over and over again.