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"You have to train your mind like you train your body." 
~ Bruce Jenner
February 2013
A3 Performance
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College Advisory: What it Takes to Make it

Exposure is the most powerful tool a potential college athlete could use. The more exposure a player has, the better. Try to be on the field playing as much as possible. Use the internet to get your name out. Have your coach call to some of the schools you are interested in. Create a highlight video. The possibilities for exposure are unlimited. Stay in shape, keep your foot on the ball and be well connected.

Text Tips: Mind Gym

Mind Gym : An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence | Gary Mack

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"Limits begin where vision ends. You have to see yourself as a no-limits person. For years, breaking the four minute mile was thought to be physically impossible. Then in 1954 Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.4. Over the next two years, fifty other runners broke the barrier. Why? They had an image. In Bannister they had a model for success." Get the Book >>

Diet Advice: Post-training Recovery

A little snack 30-45 minutes after a game can significantly reduce the time a young persons body needs to recover. A snack, or light meal high in carbohydrates and/or protein after a game can almost immediately make a recovering body feel better. If there is no time for a quick snack, stop by a gas station and pick up some chocolate milk. A recent study at Stanford University even shows that chocolate milk is better for a recovering body than many of the “post work-out drinks.”

Training Tips: Easy Ways to Improve Ball Handling

The easiest way for a young player to increase their ball handling skills is to simply get their foot on the ball more often. As they are walking to school, have them take a ball with them. When they are bored of sitting in the house, have them go outside and kick a ball against a brick wall. Not only will this help with the weight of their touches, but it will help them trap the ball as well.

Question & Answer: Staying Connected
to the Game

Question: How is a player supposed to stay sharp year round?

Answer: Keeping a foot on the ball in-between seasons can be a real difficulty. Fotunately, there are tons of indoor leagues. This can make playing during the winter season fairly easy. However, we know that simply playing isn’t enough. An easy way for a player to stay sharp is to go out to the garage half an hour a day and juggle. Watch games on tv, pay attention to the players movements. Have the player stay occupied with the game. This will makes the transition from off-season to in-season seem less difficult.