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Anthony Allen Avery (Tony) was born August 28, 1979 in Sumner, Iowa. He began his lifelong devotion for the game of soccer at the early age of five. Tony's continued love and dedication rewarded him with a multitude of honors and achievements eventually leading to his professional success. Today, Tony owns and operates A3 Performance -- dedicated to young athletes seeking continued improvement in support of future opportunities. Tony's style of play is based on his belief in teamwork, dedication, creativity and technique. He is blessed with speed, balance, tremendous ball control and the ability to shoot powerfully and accurately. Tony can always be counted on to assist and score goals due to his superior attacking ability. Though he is typically a forward, his exceptional ability to multi-task mentally and physically with quick response has shown that he is just as stellar in other positions. Tony has been described as a "graceful and agile" player and is known for his strength and composure on and off the field.

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